Zombie Laser Tag is Coming Soon to The Darkness
Fri, September 23, 2016
St Louis Zombie fans... now you can use real military style training weapons to hunt and kill real zombies!  Right next door to The Darkness we have built two new attractions including www.StLouisEscape.com and Zombie Laser Tag / Silo-X.  St Louis Escape is St Louis' #1 Escape Rooms with three different rooms including Subway Escape, Mummy Escape and Cellar Escape.  You must book online to reserve your room today.  

Additionally we now offer Silo-X Haunted House by weekend and Zombie Laser tag by weekday.  If you want to play Zombie Laser Tag you must book online as all slots are selling out FAST!   You will suit with real military combat weapons then hunt and kill REAL zombies.  Are you read you must BOOK NOW CLICK HERE TO SAVE OUR SPACE.  Zombie Laser Tag is limited to 300 guests per night.  

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Creepyworld and The Darkness OPENS THIS WEEKEND
Mon, September 19, 2016

Your Wait is OVER ... Creepyworld the World's biggest haunted Screampark is set to open this Friday and Saturday.  The Darkness will also be open this weekend including Silo-X Haunted House and our new World Class Escape Rooms.

Creepyworld is set to debut an all-new haunted house called 'Krampus A Christmas Horror Story'.  We take Christmas to a totally new level in 2016.  Have you ever been afraid of an evil Santa or Mrs Clause serving up poisoned cookies?  How about demented elves or killer Snowmen?  Visit Creepwyorld this weekend and find out what happens when you enter Santa's Killer Castle!  Creepyworld will also feature a new haunted hayride which will not open until October. 


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Fri, September 16, 2016
The Darkness Haunted House and Silo-X Zombie Themed attraction OPEN TONIGHT!  

Get your tickets Today Click Here: https://scarefest.fearticket.com

Remember when you buy your tickets online there is no waiting in ticket lines.  Make a night of it booking our Escape Rooms (www.stlouisescape.com) then visit our new Silo-X Zombie Attraction and The Darkness.  Are you ready for the ULTIMATE St Louis Attraction?   Next weekend both Darkness and Creepyworld will open with Abyss opening the following week.  

Watch the new Darkness Promo below

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Mon, September 12, 2016

Channel 2 News Recently had our Crew in to discuss ZOMBIE LASER TAG... let us take a second to explain HOW THIS WORKS!  We have created several ALL-NEW attractions at The Darkness.  First we have totally renovated The Darkness with new scenes, animations and screams around every corner.  Secondly we have added St Louis BEST NEW Escape Rooms 'St Louis Escape' including Subway Escape, Cellar Escape and Mummy Escape... book now at www.StLouisEscape.com

FINALLY in the same building at our new Escape Rooms which again is right next door to The Darkness, we've built the WORLDS best ZOMBIE ONLY attractions.  Every single FRIDAY AND SATURDAY plus Halloween this new attraction has ZOMBIES trying to eat YOU!  In other words the new attraction is a ZOMBIE themed HAUNTED HOUSE.  The cost of the haunted house is $15.00 per person.  The cost to The Darkness is $25.00.  Get tickets NOW https://scarefest.fearticket.com/

Then starting in October EVERY Sunday thru Thursday Silo-X Haunted House becomes ... ZOMBIE LASER TAG where you suit up to hunt and kill the ZOMBIES!  Tickets to Zombie Laser are limited to 350 players every Thursday - Sunday and you must book in advance and choose a specific TIME and DATE you want to play.  Use this LINK TO BUY NOW... EVERY SINGLE SLOT is going to sell OUT so reserve your tickets NOW with this link:  https://zombie.fearticket.com

Check out the video from FOX 2 Today this will give you a better idea how Zombie Laser Tag works!  The Darkness OPENS this Friday and Saturday get tickets now. 


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Sat, September 10, 2016
St Louis Best Escape Rooms are FINALLY OPEN DAILY and to Celebrate we are offering 25% Discount.  

Book your room RIGHT NOW and Save 25% using Promo Code 'escape1' this offer EXPIRES Thursday.  BOOK TODAY at www.StlouisEscape.com 

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